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Entry #223

Furry Tower

2010-04-04 21:11:45 by Retartedanimalzoo

make sure you comment
My buddy forgot to pay the server so it's down for about a week until then keep yourselves occupied with Dayovernight's profile. He's been posting pics like I was and they are pretty good. Check them out.


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2010-04-05 00:51:00

Thank you! :)


2010-04-05 05:36:07

please,don't say that you going to quit from that,don't give up!


2010-04-08 15:50:18

Thnx zoo! You're the best!


2010-04-09 17:42:07

hmm r u sure ur computer isnt fried check if there r viruses


2013-01-28 18:18:14

To the creator of this game,
i am a furry and i have not seen the game but i have seen pictures of the game and it gives a completely wrong image of the furry fandom. this is what we in the fandom refer to as yiff. i respectfully request that you change the name so as not to give furries a bad reputation.
coll543 aka Jamie Thompson