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Entry #181

Rachel's Confessions 1

2010-01-25 22:29:55 by Retartedanimalzoo

make sure you comment
I had to post a second one today, just because I feel so fucking great, my friend Joe came over and fixed my the 360. what he did? he unplugged everything and let it sit for like half an hour. and bam, back to normal, I was fucking dumbfounded
Well, I was reminded when I tried to upload why I didn't finish the sonix comic, #7 won't upload for some reason. So here's one I remembered i was going to post, so im glad to introduce, Rachel's Confessions

Rachel's Confessions 1


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2010-01-26 04:07:02

i said you "all will be alright" and was right

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

you were right. ty