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Entry #144

Sonic XXX

2009-10-07 23:43:40 by Retartedanimalzoo

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alright I'm back, thanks to the people who commented while I was gone, I had caught influenza had to go to the hospital, finally felt good enough to get up and on here to post page 1 of the new comic, Sonic XXX, this comic is in 4 parts, with two stories to it, I'm going to post it as just two seperate comics, because they are LONG, and the type is small, but the graphics are good, like in The New, and is filled with a lot of sex, hope you all enjoy it

Sonic XXX


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2009-10-08 00:25:46

just wanna put this out there the end of all the posts for this comic, im gonna leave a website link for those that actually want to read it. ive seen it on another site way b4 this was posted here. at about double the size, its easy to read

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

thank you man, I've been worried thats what people would have trouble with


2009-10-08 00:27:58

since i cant edit my old post, im just gonna pm the guy posting these with the web address for those that want it


2009-10-08 09:40:21

I am srry to hear that about what happened to your son. And it is understandable to be angry since it is your son, but jumping from user profile to profile posting a hostile message isnt going to make the culprit jump up and announce it was him/her.


2009-10-09 23:17:08

Well said silent


2009-10-11 00:55:54

after these could u post more naylor? im hooked on his work


2009-10-21 17:57:44

lawl joshikir...


2010-01-01 13:14:15

I've seen this comic before...brings back some memories.