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Camp Yiffy part 4

2008-12-13 11:09:52 by Retartedanimalzoo

this comic is brought to you by.......your sexual organ :)

Camp Yiffy part 4


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2008-12-13 14:10:28

More guy/guy stuff plz.
Also is this Amy from Sonic?

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

wow someone who liked the other comic, like I said before man, contact me at my yahoo or gmail

and i'll send u the entire sonic comic I was posting


2008-12-14 20:32:36

im awesome

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

lier :P


2008-12-15 22:23:00

this is for the first guy
1. WOW UR GAY, people like u scare me
2. Amy here is NOT from sonic
3. U got to go to jaynaylor's site and read better days to understand the characters backgrounds

ok thats all i have to say but just a word of advice animalzoo post more than one each day and U MADE IT TO GOOGLE SEARCH lol i typed in Krystal furry and there u were lol

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

really? awesome


2008-12-16 02:52:38

also if anyone needs to have some differnt yiff NOW come to my newgrounds page... but remember when the goodpart comes... go back to here lol


2008-12-19 22:41:30

thanx for the comic

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

you are welcome!


2008-12-21 22:21:53

Ya got me addicted to furry/yiffy lol.. u should post more often....
BTW i liked the dragons comic.. they where dragons, right?

Retartedanimalzoo responds:



2008-12-21 23:15:39

The sagebrush wants MOAR YIFF!


2008-12-23 13:23:51

Lol, I was joking...
But thanks for the gesture, erm.
Lol, dw :)

Retartedanimalzoo responds:



2010-05-03 16:22:19

I read all of them and it is fucking awsome :D