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The new hentai yiffy comic part 2 ( I will call it camp Yiffy from now on)

2008-12-06 00:02:39 by Retartedanimalzoo

okay this is the start of the new comic, it has better sex, better yiffy, more stuff to make you cum all over your hands, better drawing, and a good story, I hope u like it

The new hentai yiffy comic part 2 ( I will call it camp Yiffy from now on)


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2011-08-30 01:51:14

I swear i've seen this before


2011-06-19 16:38:43

i like your style hombre ive read all your comics im a newbee to new grounds but i must say your artwork is really good if possible friend me if thats even possible in newgrounds but any way friend me if possible id like to make comment with you if thats possible


2010-11-10 13:51:32


Yeah, he could have bought the book, but doesn't that mean he'd have to be over 18? *checks side bar* OMG HE'S ONLY 17 ARREST HIM

Seriously dude, give credit where credit is due. This is Jay Naylor's work, you could at least mention him somewhere.


2010-06-27 18:05:33

dude were did u find this? ive seen other bits of this comic online and im trying to hunt down the whole thing and similar ones.


2009-02-24 20:52:14

wtf did u add this shit u could of done it with the story not like this it make it feel so boring and that's how u losse most of your veiwer like shit like this


2008-12-10 14:10:30

people it's already been leaked out, along with all his other stories, so even if he finds this, he won't be able to do anything about it. besides, he bought the book ;) he can do whatever he wants with it, it's like he's letting us borrow the book to read :D

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

yea :D I think


2008-12-10 03:05:38

lol i know why u call it camp yiffy lol, just be careful for legal rights, because umm you have to buy this from the maker... i found it for free and tried to put it on deviant art at least 50 people commented on it sayin it wasnt mine and if i dont remove it well, deep shit would happen lol

watch out for those peices of shit people k


2008-12-08 14:08:42

this story seems a little long, i'd probably add 2 pictures a week if it gets really good, i mean it nearly took a whole month and a half for the dragon yiff :(


2008-12-07 05:39:43

this looks alot better than the sonic stuff :o


2008-12-07 05:00:57

Haha, nice
Your stuff is great, man!


2008-12-06 21:51:03

Jay Naylor will be pissed if he sees this :x


2008-12-06 00:25:36

did you draw this yourself? nice. its funny. hehe.

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

nah, I didn't draw it, but you'll love it and keep coming back anyways ^^