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the Sonic Hentai Furry comic!

2008-10-23 23:14:52 by Retartedanimalzoo

since my last comic series is over I've decided to use this sonic comic I found, they didn't post all of it but there are well over 30 parts! so rejoice! you're in for a ride!

the Sonic Hentai Furry comic!


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2008-10-25 16:25:58

god that looks awful tbh >.<
tbh = to be honest

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

yea thats what I think about it too, but it's supposed to be like a hand drawn comic, and it gets really's hard to explain, just keep checking back I'll add mor and more of the comic each week


2008-10-28 01:36:01

Yeah dual is right :l put some palcomix sonic xxx comics on here!


2010-06-04 11:53:45

i've seen so many badly drawn mouths so far, but this does takes the cake