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a hentai/furry pic of Krystal from the series Star Fox enjoy

2008-06-16 13:52:32 by Retartedanimalzoo

this goes out to Jesuslizard, for his suggestion/question about Krystal, here you are man, enjoy it

a hentai/furry pic of Krystal from the series Star Fox enjoy


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2008-06-17 22:13:13

whos that fucking her from the bottom?

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

definitly wolf


2008-06-18 00:51:42

im guessin by the claws and gray fur..i'd say its wolf

Retartedanimalzoo responds:

yup Wolf


2008-06-22 09:54:16

I think it's Panther he likes her.
Wereas Wolf doesn't really ever notice her... definantly Panther.


2008-06-28 21:24:25

i want to try that i need three.


2008-07-16 19:19:07

i kinda say its panther... beause of the black fur, other than the decision of who it is, nice pic.... by the way if u want some more krystal yiff go to google and type in "krystal on ytmnd" then click the first link, they have good pics of her


2008-07-19 21:46:54

... my first and last time selecting "Random User" on the blog page >_>


2008-11-24 15:50:02

The girl is a blue fox, The guy is a fox as well. She is normally pictured fingering herself, I've been a furry fan for years. go to and the newest pic is her.


2008-11-30 04:30:17

it is so panther on the bottom


2009-02-24 21:08:31

y isn't it wat his name y is it wolf i mean come on they could have change it to like
one of the other charakters not wolf


2009-02-26 19:51:04

actually krystal is a vixen ^^ and idk whos on the bottom, from the other posts its wolf :P


2009-04-26 16:21:34

ITT: 15 year old faggot that never had a girlfriend

You sad lonely prick.


2009-07-20 03:31:27

love <3 :)


2009-07-20 21:41:45

Is that a condom on wolf? (just a question)


2011-06-03 17:40:53

lol im feeling myself wierd watching at this kinda porn am i alright?