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2015-05-12 21:20:56 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Tomorrow my week really kicks off. Should get my rewards from the Wakfu kickstarter finally, gonna take my mom to Avengers for her Mother's Day gift, day after I get paid, and the following 3 days my Fightstick is set to show up, though I'm kind of hoping it comes tomorrow, which would be early.

Earlier I watched the gameplay and full info on the upcoming Assassin's Creed, and it actually looks pretty fun. They finally dropped the annoying sword gameplay for full on brass knuckle beatdowns, and a Batman-esqe grapping hook for quick building scaling and instant ziplines between buildings.

VOTD is gameplay from ACS



2015-05-09 19:41:54 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Today's pic is just suggestive. I find it more funny than hot.

I've played 3 hours of Splatoon, all three of the stress test sections, and I've got plenty to say. The game is stunning and all kinds of colorful. The 4 guns available in the demo are all great in their own way, but the Splat Roller in particular is pretty broken. Like, it's super easy for noobs to spawn camp and just instant kill people with it left and right. The only game mode available was to control the map, and kills helped nothing. It's kind of hard to know some weapon's projectile path, which is kind of annoying. But the best part was that the game had no lag whatsoever 99% of the time. I already fell in the love with the game on it's reveal, and these minor sessions have only reinforced that love. I'm looking forward to making an Inkling my own. In case you haven't noticed, I've changed my user picture to match my excitement.

An additional thing I want to bring up is the music, a lot of it sounds like ska and punk, but with no actual lyrics. It's a weird touch but it's fitting.

VOTD is the PT episode of the Shitstorm. I got the urge to watch them do horror games, and wanted to get depressed about PT again. So bam.


Gay Threesome

2015-05-08 18:41:24 by Retartedanimalzoo

Just ordered my fightstick! It'll be here in about a week. I am fucking excited.

Tonight I'm gonna try out Splatoon. They're having a limited time demo, they're pretty much just stress testing it, which sucks cause I'll only get to play for an hour. Next post I should have plenty of things to say about it. Might have a comic too.



2015-05-07 14:33:18 by Retartedanimalzoo


Sonata Dusk

2015-05-04 19:43:04 by Retartedanimalzoo



2015-05-02 20:04:21 by Retartedanimalzoo

So here's the bad news on Cinder. He kind of sucks to play. See, in KI, to combo, you have to repeat the motion of your input (example: down quarter circle towards Punch) to keep a combo going to do any real damage to someone. But for whatever reason, Cinder's input for down up kick fucking overides EVERYTHING, and he keeps ending every single combo I try early. Make him damn near impossiblde to even fight with. Which is super goddamn dissappointing, because he has been the most awaited character all season.



2015-04-30 14:30:24 by Retartedanimalzoo

So Cinder is hard to play. Like..I didn't expect him to be difficult at all. Still working on him though, gonna try against players soon.


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2015-04-29 03:43:30 by Retartedanimalzoo

State of Decay is amazing. For those who haven't looked into it, it's easily the best open world survival game I've ever played. It's got a touch of Animal Crossing to it, and has permadeath. You can switch between characters, all with their own stats and abilities, and you level them up by playing them a lot. But the fear of permadeath and losing your character is always there and it gets intense as you search houses when there are hordes outside that could kill you 5 times over. If you can, I say get it. It's like $30

Just finished watching Max stream the latest Xenoblade. Looks fine, Pat showed up in the chat. 

Sold Kingdom Hearts 2 HD for some food money today, it sucks but I needed some money, and I needed batteries cause State of Decay just came out and my controller was dying and I was out. But Wednesday will be the last day I gotta trudge through before I get paid and things get good again.


Wii Fit Trainer

2015-04-27 14:19:22 by Retartedanimalzoo

Just got up after getting caught up on rest. Binged 12 hours, and I feel a lot better. Tonight I'll be up late to enjoy State of Decay when it launches at around 11 pm on Xbox One.



2015-04-25 22:39:53 by Retartedanimalzoo

I beat the MKX story yesterday it was pretty awesome, it even had a cliffhanger, which I didn't think would happen. They also announced Jason's release date as May 5th. In addition to all that great MK goodness, that night even ended with Maximilian doing Boss Rage in it, which me and my friend watched. It was really hype.

The only thing I did today was go to work and start the final boss in Persona Q. I'm 120+ hours in, that game is fucking amazing.

For right now, since I was up late with a friend, I barely slept at all, and am running on fumes as I type this.