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Went back to work yesterday to find they did literally nothing without me around and fucked uop most everything, so that was annoying to deal with. Ended the day by going to my friend's house and watching him finally get past Vendrick, whom has been kicking his ass for months. But I helped him get through it.

Yesterday I also binged through the remainder of Free(Swimming Anime), and that show is really good. For whatever reason, Season 2 isn't streaming worth a fuck though. That's pretty frustrating. Downloaded and put the ending theme of season 1 on my MP3 player, and have been jamming to it since.


2 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Managed to find a copy of Timesplitters Future Perfect for $1 at a local rental place, and I bought the shit out of it. I had been debating ordering it online since it's SO good, but I had been holding back because it was $40, and I had the fear it wouldn't run on the 360. Which I can now confirm that yeah, it doesn't. But I only spent a dollar, so I don't feel as upset, working on obtaining a classic Xbox now.

I also finally got my Bastion soundtrack in the mail. That sweet cowboy music is damn good. On top of that music, I also downloaded the outro song to the Free anime. Which I binged most of this morning. That show is pretty damn good, and the dude obsessed with water is ridiculous. I'm about halfway through it, I also caught up on Jojo so now I gotta wait for the new episode on Friday. The missing episodes of One Piece should be getting added on to Crunchyroll on Saturday, which are what I'm waiting for.



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I've been up super late lately, kinda pissed about last night because I was out of the house, and missed that my DVR cancelled recording Attack on Titan for no fuckin' reason. Had to resort to watching the sub on netflix.

Not sure what I'm doing tonight, I'll hopefully see at least one of my friends. Otherwise I'm probably just gonna binge the rest of Stardust Crusaders, which is only like 4 episodes, so I'll finally be caught up and waiting for more Jojo.

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Super early in the morning, I was up all night, and should get some rest, this final page is kinda dry, so is this post, so now need for comments. I don't know what I'm posting next.


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Well I finished work for this week, ended it by picked up an old copy of MW2 and playing it a bit, it's still pretty fun. If any of you feel like playing with me, let me know, I got it on 360.

Tomorrow or the day after, not sure which, I'm planning to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Super excited about that, hopefully will be able to see it with my friends, but I don't know yet.



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Again, I didn't get the rest I needed, I ended waking up at 3 am while still exsausted and tired, but instead of trying to get back to sleep, I said fuck it, and got up, and binged Jojo and finally got through Chapter 2, and moved onto Stardust Crusaders when I got home from work. I've been waiting for the Stands for so long, I'm so glad I finally get to watch. I am super confused about Dio's coffin though, didn't Erina get in Dio's coffin? I'm hoping it'll be explained later. If you have any idea, let me know below.

Ontop of Jojo, I also binged through One Piece to episode 325, 326-617 are not on Crunchyroll, but according to a tag on the page, they'll be adding more of them starting the 19th, so I'll have to hold out till then.

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Just got back from work, I was up till 4 am with my friends last night, even though i had to get up at 7 am for work, after the first shift I went to bed for a few hours, I really needed it, still feel like I need more.

While i was at work I finally had the time to sit down and try out a game called Doki Doki Universe. It's...well, hard to put it into words, the most story i've gotten is that I'm a robot trying to get humanity. Other than that, it seems freeroamy, I went to planet where I met a Zombie who wanted a chicken, so I spawned him one, to which the chicken then started pointing out how noticble the zombie's brain hanging out was and made him upset. I'm planning to put more time into it throughout the week.

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I finally got myself an AC, and it's working pretty well. Binged more One Piece, which kept me up late. It's still amazing. I also picked up a box of "Yugioh Premium Gold" and got some really good shit from it, like i got a Gold Secret Rare "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon," and it's shiny as fuck, and according to the card website I go to, it's worth roughly $5. Pretty amazing.

Meanwhile the Zaibatsu finally got their own website, and got it started up, you can check it out for yourself here: I've already signed up for it, so I'll be there often if they get a forum set up.

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FInally had someone over, we stayed up super later, watching Jojo of course, got to try my Relinquished/5 Headed Dragon deck out, and it seems strong, I just need more way to get things into my hand. On top of watching Jojo, we found that the new Sailor Moon has started, and I of course watched it. Sailor Moon is finally back, and it was away for far too long.

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Last night I sat down and binged nearly 10 episodes of One Piece, because I couldn't pull myself away. It's so fucking good! I was up till nearly 2 am. This morning has been a bit more uneventful, most I've done was play more of Shovel Knight, got past Mole Knight which unlocked more of the map. other than that, I haven't done anything. From the looks and sounds of things, none of my friends are going to be around tonight.

Oh, and 4th of July and all that..

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