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2 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Well the ending of Kill la Kill took all night to be put up, exactly as I predicted. And it was GLORIOUS. I am absolutely going to get it on blu ray soon as I can. There was even a Gurren Lagenn reference. Since I don't have any KLK pics, today's is one from Gurren Lagenn.

Current I am in the midst of doing laundry, I'm about halfway done. Afterwords, probably going to do more Dark Souls, looking forward to tomorrow because I can give an update on where I am.

VOTD is the long awaited Llamas With Hats 5.


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Yesterday I sat down and played all of Burial at Sea episode 2 in one sitting, which was kind of hard considering it was roughly 6-7 hours long. One of my friends came by to watch. It was pretty fun. I played on a new difficulty mode called 1998 Mode, wherein you can only get non-lethal kills.

Tomorrow is the finale to Kill La Kill, I've got time off from work, and I get paid in time to order pizza and stuff for it. So I am set and ready. I tried out the demo to "Conception 2" on the Vita today, I played it for like 4 hours and I still haven't reached the end, the game even has save points, it's impressive. I think it's also on the 3DS if any of you are interested in trying it.



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3 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Today marks the end of Bioshock. It is a rough thing, but it's happening. Maybe we'll see some ports to next gen, I can totally believe that happening, but as far as I know, Bioshock vita might still be the only other Bioshock happening.

There's a Vita update to download, refines some stuff, gives a better look to the PSN Store in my opinion.

VOTD is the launch trailer for Episode 2 of Burial At Sea, the finale to the Bioshock games.



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Yesterday at work was awful, I ended up doing nothing, and I was super tired because I hadn't been sleeping well, so I had a rough time. But last night I did get good sleep finally. Managed to get a hold of someone to switch shifts with, so tomorrow I work, but Friday I won't. I'm switching them just in case Crunchyroll fucks up again, because I'm going to have to see the finale to Kill La Kill the night it's up.

VOTD is the Octodad Let's Play.


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Pokemon Trozei came out. It dropped the whole puzzle thing, so you can just drag and drop stuff where it fits, which I find kind of annoying, but it's still super fun. I absolutely recommend it.

Ontop of that, inFamous Second Son has come out as well. It looks beautiful as ever, and I like the new guy. I was a little worried about him, but he's definetly got a personality to him that I enjoy. 

In the Dark Souls 2 Update, I've reached Sinners Rise and have started fighting the "Lost Sinner." Luckily I went through the Lost Bastille first, so it's a little easier, but only a little. I'm going to try to limit updating where I am, and what I'm doing in Dark Souls to a weekly thing, preferably, for Pony Saturday. But if most of you would prefer it be on a different day, let me know.

VOTD is the latest Mailbag.





1 month ago by Retartedanimalzoo

Heading to bed, so this is gonna be a somewhat lazy post. No requirement for comments on this one. Hope that's a fair compromise.

Pokemon Battle Trozei is out today, I'll be getting that and doing a handful of Dark Souls 2, I'm working towards being able to use the Old Knight Greatsword.

Finished all the guardians in Persona 3, just need to wait for the end of the month for the final boss. It's almost finished, then I can start Final Fantasy X, which looks great even on the Vita. 


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1 month ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Spent almost my whole day watching my friend play Dark Souls 2. It was a GREAT day. Tons of fun. Still need to finish Persona 3, and that's going to be rough, because FFX HD is out tomorrow, Battle Trozei on Thursday, and inFamous on Friday. It's a great week for my gaming collection.

VOTD is Matt's Bomb-Ass Journalism Thing About Cereal.


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1 month ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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So I just found out ontop of FFX HD and inFamous this week, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is coming out on Tuesday. I won't have the money to get it day one, or any time soon I don't think, but I'll get it eventually.

I'm going to have to finish up Persona 3 tomorrow or tonight, because I cannot juggle it with FFX HD. That'd e too much for me, and I'm so close to the end anyways.

VOTD is TBFP doing Dark Souls 2, haven't watched it yet. But it sounds hype.


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Watching latest Mailbag right now, I'm almost to the end of Persona 3. Like. December. For those of you unaware, the game takes place over a year.

Seeing as how I'm doing SO much Persona 3, I don't have much else to mention. Almost done with work for the weekend. I'm probably going to finish Persona tomorrow, which is good, because Final Fantasy X HD is out on Tuesday.

VOTD is Mailbag.




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Passed the boss I watched the other night in Dark Souls 2, the game is beautiful. I can not promote it enough, it's just too good. If you're ever wanting a real challenge worth a damn in a video game, Dark Souls is for you.

Starting tomorrow my usual ride to work is going to be out of town all weekend, which is perfectly bad timing for me because that's when I work. On the bright side, it's FINALLY getting nice out. It should be about around 20s-30s in the mornings. In other bad news, when I went to go pay off my inFamous preorder, aparently I didn't have as much on it as I had thought. I did pay it and Final Fantasy X HD off, but now I'm like $15 shorter than I had thought I would be. So I'm barely going to have enough money to eat at work for the next week, but it's fine.

VOTD is the latest RTAA. It tells the great story of Michael's crazy neighbor.