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Gay Quick Comic

2014-12-06 22:56:05 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Seems I forgot to mention that I got KH 2 HD. I've barely started, but I have started at least. Today's post is just gonna be huge amounts of videos from the Playstation Experience. But I will mention that they have free games available now because of it. You can get Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4, Mirror's Edge on PS3, and Need For Speed Most Wanted on Vita, all for free right now.



2014-12-04 23:35:50 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Yesterday my check was unexpected large, with it I managed to pay all my bills, and have enough to get my tablet, which I've been messing with the past few days. It works for what I wanted it for, that being said, it is slightly limited. It can't stream, and I can't post to here from it. So it's not a replacement for my laptop by any means. But as a big bonus, it lets me play PvZ2 finally. I also just found out that I can play Five Nights At Freddy's 1 and 2 on it, so I'll probably get some credit for it tomorrow.

Got my big beefy work check today, got plenty of nice things, and still got more coming. Got the Vita TV for cheaper, and it's okay. It doesn't support Project Diva, which sucks, but it does play Senran Kagura Bon Appetit, barely. It has some serious lag that I can't do anything about. Currently downloading Persona 4 Golden, which I now realize I can have available for anyone to play convenienty, which is perfect, because a handful of my friends have never touched it.

I got an Amazon card and ordered a handful of things, most notably being the Sogeking figure I've been waiting on all year, managed to order it while Amazon had it available, and it's expected here on Free Delivery near the end of next week. I also ordered the Kill la Kill soundtrack, and a used copy of Words Words Words by Bo Burnham.

VOTD is the FNAF song from Tombstone. I was jamming to it after I woke up this morning.


Gay Dog DP

2014-12-03 01:24:50 by Retartedanimalzoo

Another day of nothing happening. I'm tempted to just post just pics for a little while.

All I did all day was just binge One Piece, so much of it. Like 30 episodes.


Twilight's Secret 8

2014-12-01 19:20:11 by Retartedanimalzoo

This is the end of the comic, hopefully y'all enjoyed it. Kind of lacking on new things to say so this'll just be the pic, no need for comments, though they are always appreciated.


Twilight's Secret 7

2014-11-30 12:01:32 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Currently binging One Piece, so this post will be a little rushed.

Spent my my morning at work getting more into Persona Q, which I'm getting the hang of now. For those tempted by it who played P3 and P4, you should check it out. It's got quite a bit more strategy and difficulty to it, they even brought back Pierce and Slash type attacks. Hitting enemy weaknesses doesn't knock them down every time, but if you do, it "boosts" that character, meaning if they don't get hit and keep their boost until their next turn, they can use any Skill for free, meaning they all cost 0 to use for one turn. On top of that, everyone can use 2 Personas at the same time.

VOTD is battle music from Persona Q. Which they actually have 2 somewhat different versions of depending on which story you follow, be it the P3 or P4 story. This is the P3 battle theme.


Twilight's Secret 6

2014-11-29 01:30:05 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got my 64 gig Vita Memory card in the mail, finally, early this morning. Took about 2 hours to switch all my current data from the one card to the new one, after that, I set every single game I've had to remove for space to download, and got the credit to get Diva F 2nd finally and set that to download too. I then finally went to bed and slept a solid 8 hours, after I woke up a little bit ago and installed everything, DLC content and all I checked the space. It's not even half full. AWW YEAAHH.

I went out and got my check, and then got some food. While I was out I also picked up my first Amiibo, Kirby. I haven't gotten to checking him out yet, but he sure does look really nice set up by my Wii U.

VOTD is Smash.


Twilight's Secret 5

2014-11-26 20:22:28 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Okay fuck my shoes. The first night shift was absolute hell, I felt like I was going to collapse after 3 hours. My feet were aching and on fire for hours after hours. Now I have to go back again tonight, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I felt like I was going to cry by the end of the night. I don't want to have to take painkillers to get through my shift.

Persona Q is extra cool already, and I'm only an hour in. I'm hoping I'll have more time for it soon.

VOTD is a trailer for the new merch from TBFP.


A Day Without Comments

2014-11-24 21:52:38 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Still binging One Piece, spent a few rounds in training to try out Kan Ra, he's really complicated, at least to me, I'm going to need plenty more practice to get him down.

Today I had my first real shift of work at my closer station, which was beyond words stressful. I've gone through so many things, and nothing has ever made me tremble like that. On the bright side I do the night shifts starting tomorrow, so I'll have hopefully less people to deal with. And hopefully I'll get more used to it soon.

Twilight's Secret 4

2014-11-23 19:55:30 by Retartedanimalzoo

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One Piece finally got the 5 episodes I've been waiting for added. I've been binging all morning and afternoon because those finally conected to two sets. Gonna make up for the 4 weeks of nothing. Tomorrow morning I go in for training at a closer place for my job, after that, the new KI character will be out and I'll have to scratch that itch.

Forgot to bring my Vita to work so I had no videos to watch, instead I got more progress on Ace Attourney in, which was good in the end, because I've barely played it.

VOTD is TBFP Far Cry 4.


Twilight's Secret 3

2014-11-22 14:42:48 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Smash Bros U is SO pretty and great. But that's obvious enough. Slept most of yesterday, when I was awake though I finally scratched that Killer Instinct itch. Yesterday, shortly after Kan Ra's announcement, they had a stream to show him off. Joined in on that. He has outfits that go across time and countries, most notably an Egyptian and Incan outfit. His Incan headpiece looked dangerously close to Mumbo Jumbo's. While they didn't show his Egyptian one, they said people who see it will recognize it right away, as it is an homage to something that a lot of people are fans of. Since there aren't very many Egyptian things, it leads me to think, and really really REALLY hope that means JoJo, specifically, Pillar Men. Get hype!

VOTD is Fisticuffs.