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Still got a shift left to deal with today, I'm through the podcasts so I've just got a few videos to keep me busy, I've also got some newish Vita games I'm going to be trying out. Metrico and Proteus. I wanna download Dragon's Crown to try it on vita, but it's too damn big. Found I'm really rusty at Rock Band, my hand was sore by the end of the day.

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Last night me and my friends hung out and finally tried a game called Pathfinder, which is like D&D. Probably the nerdiest I've ever felt. Looking forward to doing it more. I think I prefer being a DM.

I also got lucky with the latest Deals of the Week on Xbox, Rock Band 3 dropped to $10 and I bought it right away. The new guitar works perfectly, so I'm totally back in there. I'm not good enough to play Expert as good as I used to, especially because I'm using a Rock Band guitar instead of a good Guitar Hero one, but I'm pretty certain I'll get good again.


2 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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I reached episode 30 on One Piece late last night, so now Sanji has joined them, and their on their way to Nami's whole deal. I also downloaded the latest Games with Gold title, Motocross Madness. Which is actually really neat. It's a racing game on bikes of course, but you do it with your avatar, and everything looks really good and polished.

VOTD is the start of the next playthrough from the Zaibatsu. Ground Zeroes, which is the first Metal Gear game I managed to finish, and got me really excited for The Phantom Pain. Anyone who says it's not worth picking up because of any reason is absolutely wrong. It's great.



2 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Watching the RT Podcast people playing Diablo 3, it's making me really fucking jealous that I can't play it right now, it's a good thing it's $30 on XBL, I tried to get it but didn't have enough. It would've been dumb too because I'm gonna be buying it on PS4, a little later this month, when they release the next gen version with the new DLC. I miss my crazy Witch Doctor. 

Last night I decided I am going to race the Crunchyroll people over One Piece. I have started from episode 1, and I am going to watch all the up to where I was, which was 325, to see if I get there before they finally upload episodes 326-onward. I'm already up to episode 18.

VOTD is Dead Sara cover of Heart Shaped Box. It was featured in the credits of inFamous Second Son.


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Went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy at an early premiere last night. it was legendary, I sat in front of these nerdy girls who wouldn't stop freaking out. I felt it added to the experience. Also had White Fudge Pretzels for the first time in fuckin' forever. They're still amazing, I'm planning to get some more as soon as I have the money. I feel a lot safer now that I've got the money order for my rent in my possesion, was getting a little worried about if I could pay my bills.


2 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Went and hung out with my friend yesterday, he bought Dragon's Dogma, and Dragon's Crown, we played Crown, and that It didn't feel very good, definitely didn't play well, like, I'd of prefered to just play Streets of Rage 2 over it, easily.



Gay Panda

3 weeks ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Haven't gotten back to the Dark Souls 2 boss yet, mostly because I want my friends to see it's bullshit, it's been killing me that I haven't seen them in like a week. Especially because I left my 3DS in his car. I called his place and his mom said she'd go get it out on Friday, but she always says she'll have him call me when he wakes up, but he never does, so I'm worried.

VOTD is the long awaited next episode of Full Play.


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Ended up not spending my Xbox credit on anything, so I'll just hang onto it till the DLC is out. Speaking of DS2 dlc, yesterday I finally got past that bitch who had me stopped for I'd guess a week, I finally got a player summon and we sliced through her. But now, I'm dealing with the Dragon, and holy fucking shit. It breathes a mix of fucking Fire AND Toxic, for those who don't understand why that's so bad, in Dark Souls, getting Poisoned is bad, but Toxic is 5 times worse, and takes away health way faster than Poison does, if if you get hit by the fire and barely survive, you won't recovered quick enough to get health back or un-Toxic yourself, and that's some BULLSHIT. That being said I thing I've got the Dragon almost figured out, and should probably beat it today.

Yesterday was amazing. I watched the Nuzlocke stream from start to finish and it was god-tier. It all came down to Kamina to save the day, and with one final Hydro Cannon he put an end to Ja Rule. They'll be uploading what they recorded eventually, I'm hoping they show the facecam, because the three of them losing their shit with the Hydro Cannon was amazing.

VOTD is a mix of Jojo and Smash Bros trailers.



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Stayed up late with my friend, finally got to watch him play Dark Souls.  I haven't seen him play it since I introduced him to the series. He was doing his Bow run, he tried out a Roll Build and got Sorcery and Bows/Crossbows/Greatbows, so he has no close range weapons. I saw him get past the Poison bitch in Earthen Peak, which I find it so hard to belive a Crossbow could be that good, even when it was happening right in front of me. I giove most of the credit to him, because he beat the first game long before I did, he's one of the few people I know who pulled that off, so I always give him props for it.

I'm current in the midst of debating if I should get a digital game on Xbox or not, because I have enough for a $20 game, and I have a couple in mind, mostly The Bureau: XCOM, other than that, I kinda wanna get Rock Band 3 so I can try out the guitar I got. But part of me knows I should save the credit for the remaining Dark Souls 2 DLC.

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Finally got around to trying the beta for Destiny, and it plays alright, I like how customizable the characters are, as well as the uniquely colored armors, reminds me of Mass Effect 1. Haven't tried the competitive yet. 

Went looking through some of my older pics for this, now I've got the craving to play her in B2 again. Gonna do that right after this.

VOTD is the latest Rage Quit.