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2015-01-16 03:49:43 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Just finished my full stream of inFamous First Light. Beat the game and stopped to get some food, and relax my eyes for a bit. I'll be starting back up again shortly to do the Destiny Dailys, and now that I've got Twitch working right, everything I stream will be going onto my Youtube as well. If you miss out a stream you can watch here:

VOTD is RT's second attempt at the Crota Raid. It looks a lot more completable than the first Raid.





2015-01-14 23:55:46 by Retartedanimalzoo

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So today's first page does have a color version, but seeing as how it is the ONLY page with color, I've decided not to post it. Because it just breaks the flow and leaves you wanting the rest in color. Plus with how this comic is, I feel it's black and white coloring looks and suits it way better.

Currently watching today's VOTD, other than that I didn't really do anything else today. I did a bit of researching and found out why my Twitch broadcasts weren't archiving. From now on they should be, so I'll be going back to KI after the video. That or going to the gas station nearby for some food. Cause I am getting damn hungry.

The Nintendo Direct today revealed some hype ass news. First off, the "New 3DS XL" will be coming to the americas, with two special editions including this one, which is totally already sold out:


And this one, which I'll hopefully be getting:


I'm not a fan of Monster Hunter, but for such a nice looking handheld, I'm going to give it a try. Here's the big downside though. I called Gamestop about preordering it, thinking I could put some down on it tomorrow, and then just get it done by release. But they informed me that for that I have to put the full amount on it when I preorder, which would be nearly $250. On top of that, it's out on the 13th, which is only 1 month away. I'd have to take half from all my pay checks to just barely manage to pay it off, which by then I assume it'll be sold out because there are crazy MH fans out there. But even if it sells out by then, I can just use the money to pay off a friend, and order my PS2 off of Amazon.

VOTD is Ray's stream of Outlast.





2015-01-13 19:48:04 by Retartedanimalzoo

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VOTD is a leaked track from Hotline Miami 2. Drop whatever you are doing, grab some headphones, and just...listen.





2015-01-12 02:51:26 by Retartedanimalzoo

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It's so nice being able to play Destiny again. I really missed playing it a lot. It's a welcome break from the constant KI day after day.

VOTD is the beginning of something wonderful.





2015-01-10 15:23:44 by Retartedanimalzoo

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The city trip was awesome. I came home with a haul of stuff. Some with minor catches to them. Let's start with the stuff that does work:

  • I got a Nuka Cola shirt for myself and a Free! shirt for my sister.
  • I picked up a couple of Xbox original games such as Blinx the Time Sweeper, Sonic Heroes, Turok Evolution, and that launch bundle of Sega GT Racing and Jet Set Radio Future, and they all thankfully work on the 360.
  • I picked up my new PS4 controller, it's white with black accents, I call it Oreo colored.
  • I found and bought the Yu Yu Hakasho movie, and the Yes CD with Roundabout.
  • I got my jambox on our last stop at the Walmart. I spent awhile picking it out but got one that seems good, but it seemed I overlooked that it doesn't play CDs, that it's a jambox just for Aux in devices. Which isn't that big of an issue, but it is a little irritating.
  • I came in there to buy Xbox original controllers but they didn't have any. When out of the blue, some dude comes in while me and my friends were looking around to sell two of 'em. It was such good timing, I gave him $20 and it was my first purchase there. Unfortunately, I didn't notice till I was home with them that they were missing the breakaway cord that connects them to the console(See below as it's hard to describe the fucking thing.)


When we did get back into town I bought the original Xbox from one of my friends for cheap cause it was missing cords and had no controllers. I managed to find the power cord it was missing because it was the same kind used to charge my 360 batteries. For the time being, the disc tray won't open, and the console seems to short out within 10 seconds of booting up. So I'm actually pretty hesitant to order the replacement cords for the breakaways off of Amazon, because I'm going through a LOT of shit just to play Timesplitters at this point.

All in all though, the trip was great. I left with more than $300 in my pocket, and came home with less than $50.

VOTD is gameplay breakdown by Max about the upcoming character to the KI roster.





2015-01-09 04:56:16 by Retartedanimalzoo

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I'm up super late. i tried going to bed to get a full nights rest for the trip, but I woke up after 2 hours, still feeling tired and unable to sleep. I think I'm just too excited for the trip to sleep, same shit happened last night.

For now I'm doing KI, and I'll probably move onto Youtube videos in a bit.

No VOTD, fuck it.





2015-01-08 01:16:08 by Retartedanimalzoo

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For now my streams are going to be Halo 1, I'm doing my best to speed through it, but I am going through it blind. So it'll be a completely new experience for me. Afterwords I'll probably do Halo 2 from the top, and so on and so on.

I'm watching Matt & Pat finish Rule of Rose, it seems they're almost to the end and I'm getting super nervous because I've been interested in this game forever.

VOTD is Tales from the Internet 2. Really exciting stuff.





2015-01-06 07:13:52 by Retartedanimalzoo

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I hope you all are enjoying the comic thus far, we're nearly 10 pages in. I'm up super late because I was hanging with my friends, and because I need to talk to the other person who works where I work so I can trade shifts for Friday so I can simply enjoy a day off and the trip to the city.

Still binging One Piece, still streamin', though it seems whenever I stream that it fucks with my online connection, because I couldn't get any full matches in.

VOTD is the latest Rage Quit. We haven't had a new one in two months.





2015-01-05 02:08:06 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got back to binging One Piece. Been going for quite a few hours at this point. Still watching it, decided to get a quick post in while the episode is still doing recap.

Started streaming KI last night, it feels like I'm going to stream it every single night at varying lengths depending on amount of viewers. If you want to watch you can follow me from here: Doing so will have it send you an email whenever I go live. On top of year of 80s, this year I'm planning to get really into streaming since XO and PS4 have so many features just for it, as soon as Until Dawn comes out I'll be getting a Playstation Camera, unless I get it sooner. So stay tuned.

VOTD is the latest Happy Hour. I don't drink, but boy does vinegar sound unpleasant.





2015-01-03 22:25:07 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Just got back from hanging with my friend before his shift, before that I went to a late Xmas thing with the other half of my family. When I checked my 3DS only a little bit ago, after me and my friend got back from the usual places we go, I had a TON of Streetpasses. With people from fuckin' ALL OVER. I had a couple people from Texas, Virginia, Flordia, and some dude from the Netherlands. In my other games I also had people from California, Japan, and Mexico. I have no idea where I met all these people, but apparently I did. Crazy stuff.

VOTD is some special info and a tiny glimpse of the upcoming KI character, Omen. He sounds awesome!