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Yesterday I did a big thing. I got rid of my cable and DVR, in order to cut down on the bill since $96 of it was just for that. I also got rid of it due to the fact that I mostly just watch Youtube and Crunchyroll. Later I'm planning to give my sister some money so I can get us all Netflix. I feel it was a pretty smart descision.

Meanwhile, I got past the part I was at in metal gear shortly after realizing holding O would let me KO enemies with CQC. After that, it became a breeze. I stayed up all day yesterday and got good long sleep at night and I feel a hell of a lot better now.

Today, I got paid and went and got some Playstation credit. For awhile I was deciding if I should get Watch Dogs or preorder Destiny, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided on Watch Dogs, considering the beta for Destiny wasn't great, and Activision can ruin fuckin' anything.

VOTD is that Ice Bucket thing people are doing, but with Achievement Hunter.


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In hindsight, staying up late as I did was a stupid idea, I couldn't manage to get to sleep when I tried to sleep before my first shift. I only managed a 3 hour nap between shifts, which absolutely helped. Then tried going to bed at 8, but only got another 3 hours. I've been up since. Diablo 3 is fun as fuck still, it feels so good to be back. I've also started Snake Eater, and I'm having a lot of difficulty making any progress, mostly because I fall to the edge of the bridge and can't fucking climb back up.

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Current plan is to stay up late to play Diablo 3 of PS4 the minute it goes up, I'm going to hoping play all morning long, and head off to my shift with enough energy to get through it, after that, when I come home, I'm gonna sleep as much as I can before heading back. When I head back I'll probably getting fully started on playing Metal Gear Solid 3 HD on my Vita. Might even start some of that while I wait.



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Had a good night hanging out with one of my friends, we spent most of the night playing Gaunlet Dark Legacy on an emulator. That good absolutely looks dated as hell, but fuck is it still tons of fun, I started as the Wizard, but reverted to the Jester pretty quickly. I always play yellow. Shit was hype.

VOTD is some new Box Gameplay for Phantom Pain


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Found this comic late last night, hoping I'll find another in the time between now and the end. it's more of just a gallery of Pokemon Girls, but whatever. My Birthday kinda sucked, all my friends were busy and my boyfriend forgot, so I spent most of it alone. Still pretty depressed about that. But whatever I guess.

Went out and got some pizza for dinner, tried the Deep Dish from Caesers, since I only ever tried it once and it wasn't great, but now it is. I filled up on two pieces, tried to rent Diablo 3 to calm my hype boner down, but they didn't have any copies in, so I guess I'll have to wait till Tuesday. Even if my friends don't follow up on the PS credit I asked for, I should still have enough to buy the game on my own, which is good, because I've been so out of money for a long time, and I could really use a break.

VOTD is the theme of Kakyoin in honor the latest episode of JoJo. I just got done watching it.


Since it's my 21st birthday, I'm just gonna post a ton of what i want. It's gonna be all Amy.










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In the biggest news of the day, the PS4 got a mysterious teaser on it called PT, from a mysterious studio, and I spent a solid 3 hours trying to get through it trying to figure it out, before finally giving up and look up what it was, and OMG awesome.

Silent Hills. Made by Kojima and Del Toro, staring Norman Reedus. Three powerful names leading an amazing project. I've been saying for a long time that Kojima would be perfect for Silent Hill, and if that demo was any indication of whats to come, he might save the franchise, if he can't, I have no faith in anyone.

VOTD is the trailer that plays after you beat PT, if you have a PS4, I'd say try it out before watching the demo, because it's really hard to figure out, and that's fun.


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VOTD is the new MK trailer.



11 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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I got past that fucking dragon in Dark Souls 2 finally, it was 1:13 am and I screamed YES at the top of my lungs. I finally managed to pull it off. I've now started another character in an attempt to keep from continuing through Shrine of Amana, cause seriously, fuck that place. Going to do a Spear and Miracles character, and to keep things interesting, I gave him a beard, and I'm doing to do it armorless.

VOTD is from Maximillian, he's got good things to say about Remake's Remake.



13 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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My day has been slow, was up late with my friend. It ended strangely, it was like 5 am and we were just standing around talking about old Spongebob episodes. Didn't get up till like 3 pm. Most I did all day was take on the dragon in the Dark Souls 2 DLC again, I nearly had him too. Currently trying to force my way through Shrine of Amana, to get the souls I'm gonna need to get Gold Pine Resin, since that really helped. Probably gonna try a few more times tonight, that dragon is so tough.

VOTD is the latest Minecraft. It's a long one, and it's pretty epic.