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Rouge Rampage 7

2014-10-30 12:55:24 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got paid, went out and spent most of it almost right away. I get paid more tomorrow though, which is good, because I'm down to like $8. Picked up my bike parts which my friend'll help me put on later. Got some PS Credit and started downloading Shadow Warrior. I also got Xbox credit to get the Titanfall Season Pass on sale, which got me all the DLC. I haven't played it much lately, but now I've got all the DLC, so when I go back, I won't even have to think about it.

Tomorrow after I get paid I plan to get Amazon credit, and order my big ass 64 gig memory card for my Vita. Currently debating if I should get it through my own account, or through my friend's, since he has Prime, and then I'd get it fucking fast.

VOTD is an amazing fan video based off of RT Minecraft. You should follow her on tumblr and youtube for more stuff just like it.


Rouge Rampage 6

2014-10-29 06:30:58 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Tons and tons and tons of Sunset Overdrive, like fuck. It's so damn good. Apparently everything reviewers are telling people about it are straight up lies. Like, every single thing.

VOTD is more Shitstorm. Such a bummer that the month is nearly done. This latest one was really amazing and awesome. I recommend watching it all the way through.


Rouge Rampage 5

2014-10-28 04:25:00 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Finally managed to pull myself away from Sunset Overdrive, I played for 4 straight hours, that game is fucking awesome and amazing. It's so much fun just getting around in the game, there is fasty travel but it's so much more fun to do without. There are not many games out there like that. It's a game worthy of a console purchase.

VOTD is the latest Shitstorm.


Rouge Rampage 4

2014-10-26 22:45:24 by Retartedanimalzoo

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The RT Extra Life stream went all day and it was really great. Lavarr Burton even read "Go The Fuck To Sleep," I didn't get to see the ending itself though, which was a bummer. Tomorrow night I'll get play Sunset Overdrive. Unfortunately I have to wake up at 7 am for work every day. So my only option for that would be to barely sleep between shifts for the next couple days.

On the bright side of things, I get paid of Thursday, and then I should be able to get the parts to fix my bike up.

VOTD is the latest Shitstorm episode.


Rouge Rampage 3

2014-10-25 15:32:43 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Found out my hours will be shortening next week. So all that bigger money I thought I'd have isn't happening. I still think I'll be able to get my Vita memory card, at least that's what I'm hoping. Made more progress in Bayonetta 2, but just barely.

Currently watching the RT Extra Life stream, which'll be going all day and night.. They've already raised $80k as of the point i'm watching. You can find them on their twitch page. 

VOTD is another Shitstorm episode.


Rouge Rampage 2

2014-10-24 06:19:42 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Rouge Week has been renamed to fit it properly. Meanwhile, I have officially downloaded and started Bayonetta 2, which is epic and cool. I am sore all over from being tired all day, on top of working. I also got the XBL credit I needed to pay for Sunset Overdrive, and get it all nice and preloaded. So when Monday's midnight rolls around, I'll be able to jump in with both feet. The only thing I couldn't get was Shadow Warrior. Because my money was a little different.

That being said, I realized I won't need to get a credit card to order my vita memory card, because I can just get an Amazon Gift Card. I can have it ordered as soon as next week. Pretty fucking excited.

No VOTD cause it's 5 gatdamn AM and I'm too tired to deal with Youtube's BS.


Rouge Week

2014-10-23 03:39:24 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Shit, didn't realize it had been so long without a post. My bad. Was gonna save this till tomorrow to start, but fuck it, I fucked up, so why not? Welcome to Rouge week.

Since completing The Evil Within I haven't done much. I started the new unlocked mode wherein everything is 1 hit KO, other than that all I've done is work and sleep. Way later tonight, like it's 2 am right now, and at midnight Bayonetta 2 will launch and I'm gonna download the shit out of it. Also gonna probably play it all night with my friends.

VOTD is the FNAF episode of the shitstorm.



2014-10-20 20:18:36 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Just beat The Evil Within. Currently in the credits. That game was nuts and super fucking long for a horror game. Like seriously, my completion time was 15+ hours. Every fight, especially the bosses, was exciting and awesome, and every single chapter seemed to always be fresh and unique.
The game is so on the line when it comes to being whatever kind of horror it is. Like, I was never equipped enough to call it action horror, but I was never so low on supplies that it was survival horror. It's just so on the line between those two.

I ended up getting to work late yesterday morning, not only that, but after my shift ended, i realized my tire had popped, and now had a big ass hole in it. So now I'm without a bike, and it might be a while before I get it fixed. Thankfully I do have a ride to work and back. Walking my bike home from work was pretty depressing.

VOTD is a cool Payday video that came out today. I haven't watched it yet, but if the preview from awhile back was any idication, it should be pretty actiony.



2014-10-19 04:22:41 by Retartedanimalzoo

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I should be sleeping right now, I work in about 5 hours. But I'm not tired enough to just go to bed. I already tried and failed. Instead I got up and binged through every new episodes of One Piece Crunchyroll put up. I'm going to have to wait 2 weeks for the 5 episodes it'll take to connect the saga I'm on to the next. So just a little patience, I also have to wait till Friday for Bayonetta 2. Kind of a bummer that I have a shift every single day between now and then.

VOTD is a great song from Bayonetta 2, "Tomorrow is Mine."



2014-10-18 02:18:50 by Retartedanimalzoo