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Gay Furry

5 hours ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Dealing with a lot of stress over something I don't feel like going into. The good news is I have food for now, and that's good.

I just got past "The End" boss in MGS3, my MGS friend is so buttfrustrated that I'm not playing from the first game, but whatever. I managed to hold him up and get The End's camo, which is the best in the game, using it I got a 100% camo index. Making me practically invisible.

VOTD is an episode of TBFP TWD. It's nice seeing them finally playing Season 2.



1 day ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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So from the moment I woke up yesterday I was out doing things with my friends, and didn't get a chance to post.

The only thing worth mentioning is that D4 got announced to be out, so I got credit to get it. D4 is SWERY's new game. And as expected it's weird as fuck. It's so goofy and i love it. It's similar to a telltale game for gameplay. It's even going to be episodic.

VOTD is King Gavin. It's here.


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Went back to work yesterday after taking my two weeks off, and just as predicted, those lazy assholes let everything go to hell without me around. Tons of papers were hung up telling people what needs to be done, and the email hadn't been updating once ion the entire time I'd been gone.

Yesterday I also finished Destiny. I loved that whole game, it had a few minor flaws, certainly nothing to give it the bad scores it's been getting. Smash launched in Japan, and to my horrible discovery, my Ice Climbers are gone. But thankfully Game & Watch is in. I swear if they had removed both, I would've passed on the game. I mean it.

No VOTD, instead an extra picture. Was wondering if y'all mind me doing that or not, because it makes posting a little simpler for me, but I can scourer for a video if y'all prefer that.




5 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

I am so tired, I have no idea how I'm still awake. Everything hurts because i've been up all night. I think my mind may be starting to play tricks on me. I need to get to bed soon. This post is gonna suck.

Only news I can even think of is Microsoft bought Mojang, and Notch quit. Just like I said, he never ever would join them.







6 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Spent pretty much the whole night with my friends i don't see often enough. Went out to eat with them, then hung out at their place. Which I had never been before. It was nice. We sat around an old tv and I watched them play Rampage. Which is always the best choice for things to do. While I was there I found out the greatness of remote play. Remote play is a feature of the vita which allows you to play you PS4 with the Vita, and stream the gameplay to the Vita's screen. I was playing Destiny from place, at his place. Which was miles away. Which was kickass. Cause I had been dying to show them all it.

VOTD is the trailer for GTA5 on next-gen. Looks prettier for sure.


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I finally reached level 15 in Destiny, which unlocked my subclass, but instead of it just stacking with my previous skill tree, it just switches with my other. So I went off to older planets and areas in an attempt to grind it up. The hard difficulties on older missions are too much to handle. I even tried them with my first class and got my ass kicked. Eventually switched to a different area to grind it with morefficiency, using bounties to get it up. Speaking of bounties, I took down two Strike bosses, which are like Raid Bosses for those of you who haven't played. Which means super god damn tough, and take a long time to kill.

No VOTD. Gif.



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(gay warning for picture)

Going to bed right after my movie since I've got everything else done. Earlier today I picked up GTA Chinatown Wars on Vita. It's a cool little game. Way back in the day Xplay talked to me about it. Right off the bat, I really like the main dude. The intro song was cool. But more importantly, I recognized a voiced. Then just a little bit ago looked it up to be sure and I was dead on. It was Doom. Back in the day he did some music that was mixed with great [adult swim] stuff, ATHF, Perfect Hair, even Minoriteam. I'm planning to get a CD soon as I can, but that'll still be a little while.

VOTD is the smooth jam Sofa King from Doom.



10 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Well now that I'm post-Destiny launch. I have to attempt to fix my sleep schedule as to not be destroyed when I go back to work next week. I'm hoping my hours will be the same when I come back.

Late last night my internet, and apparently others, went out. It was down for 3 hours and I was kinda bored. Ended up mopping and listening to the latest Friendcast which led me to some knowledge about Kit Kats, as in the candy. In American they are put out by Hershey's, but everywhere else in the world they are handled by Nestle. According to the Best Friends, the American ones taste like crap in comparison. Shortly after my internet went up I went and hunted some online, and am now planning to import some for a taste test.

Played a bunch of Destiny and I still have pretty much the same things to say. Don't go to it expecting it to be like Halo. It is not Halo. If you're going to expect anything, expect Borderlands. That is about the only thing I can compare it to. The game has a soft cap of level 20. Which is super odd for a new game not to go to 50. After 20, you earn materials which can be used to get special armor and stuff. It's all explained online and I don't feel like looking it up again.

VOTD is Minecraft, which is up several days early


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Welp. Got Destiny. Went with my friends to the midnight launch even though I had the game digitally preordered. it's been a full night. We watched him play it at his house till nearly 2, then came to my place so I can play. The game is fun, not surprised none of you wanted to play it with me. I also went and got batteries for my Xbox One controller. Spending some time to watch some videos before bed. Of course I wanna keep playing, but I wanna sleep.

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Yesterday a ton of new info for RE: Revalations 2 got shown off and talked about. For instance they're going for a co-op thing similar to RE5, with you playing Claire, and, for now since I assume they'll change it, the co-op partner will have no weapon, and will only have a flashlight, which you both will need to rely on. My favorite part is her identity, Moira Burton. As in Barry Burton's daughter. Here is one picture for reference with Claire on the right and Moira on the left:


Started the finally uploaded episodes of One Piece last night, I just got past Brook's introduction, and Brook is even fucking cooler than I thought. Unfortunately Crunchyroll beat me in the race. I managed to get through 170 episodes before they uploaded 326. I still feel I have the right to say "Took them fuckin' long enough."

Today's post is the finale to this comic, I do have another comic on standby, but I gotta save it for a later day, so it might just be random pics for awhile, mostly being Pony and Sonic shit, hopfully y'all won't mind too much.

Destiny is only one day and one night away. Now is when time gets slow. For those of you getting, are any of you getting it for PS4? If so I'd be up for joining you and vice versa. Just message me or leave a comment and I'll get you added.

VOTD is a Source Filmmaker version of one of the great scenes from The Venture Bros.