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Kirino 6

5 hours ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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I Platinum'd inFamous, beat Stick of Truth. Traded in inFamous and Injustice. Managed to get more than enough for Conception 2, I've already gotten started on it, and it's glorious and hillarious. It almost plays like a hentai game with how bad the dialouge is. They play off the Classmating like it's sex even though it's not, which is just as funny.

I spent my day at work shoveling snow, (Yes, Snow. In fucking April.) pointlessly. It exhausting me, and I wasn't making any progress, luckily one of the snow plows came by and helped.

VOTD is the latest Creepy Anime Bullshit.


Kirino 5

3 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Finally started South Park The Stick of Truth. This game is incredible. It looks and plays just like a South Park episode. I'm a good 6 hours in, and I haven't even completed the first quest. I've spent my time just exploring and doing side stuff.

Conception 2 is out on Tuesday, I'm not going to have the money to get it right away, which upsets me.

VOTD is a good LP from RT from earlier this week.


Kirino 4

4 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Figured I'd get in a post before I go to bed. It's been a decently long day. I'm getting low on things to do while I'm at work. Kinda wishing I had a book.

VOTD is the latest Mailbag. Make sure to watch it to the end. Because they finally got "IT." For those of you who have been watching since the start, they've been expecting something for a long time, and someone sent it to them.


Kirino 3

5 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Yesterday Naughty Dog confirmed the obvious, Last of Us is coming to PS4. I spent some good time playing more of Dark Souls 1, that game is definetly harder than DS2, though not as pretty. I went and killed Quelaag on my second try, but now I have to walk all the way out of Blighttown. Ugh..fuck that place.

VOTD is the latest Rage Quit. Michael finally got around to doing Dark Souls 2.

VOTD2 is of the latest trailer for The Evil Within. Looks so fucking hype.


Kirino 2

7 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Beat inFamous, checked out it's trophy list, and I should be able to get everything on my second run, so I'm going to keep it a little longer. Meanwhile they announced Charizard and Greninja as playable characters for Smash, their reveal trailer is the VOTD.

In addition to that Smash announcement, they also confirmed release seasons, the 3DS version will be coming out this Summer, while the Wii U version will be coming this Winter.

Speaking of rad ass videos, they also put out a trailer for Hotline Miami 2, and it's awesome enough for there to be two VOTDs.


Kirino 1

9 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Spent a lot of my day playing inFamous Second Son, I'm planning on selling it after I beat it, since I can't really name a reason to play through it again, or keep it around. That being said, the game is still awesome, just like all the inFamous games. I unlocked Cole's jacket in game, been playing in that ever since. 

VOTD is the latest Godzilla trailer.


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Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to be starting a new comic, I hope you all like it, even though it is black and white. But it features the return of Kirino from Oreimo.

In the midst of cooking stroganoff right now, smells so fucking good, haven't had it in quite a while.

No VOTD today so no requirement on continuing based off comments. Though it would still be nice.


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Well yesterday I finished MGS5: Ground Zeroes, man, Skullface is a super evil fuck. Great game, I have so much I still can do in it too, anyone who doubted that game's content/length should seriously reconsider.

Today at work I finally got around to finishing Hotline Miami, so now I am all set for the sequel. The game had a confusing ending, and was really intense. Music was great.

VOTD is the latest Mario Kart trailer.





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I. Beat. Dark Souls 2. I fucking beat it yesterday. I missed the whole ending cutscene due to a phone call I had to take though, that sucked, I have already started on New Game+. Perfect game, absolutely my GOTY already. I doubt anything is going to be able to top it.

VOTD is the trailer for the new RvB season.


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A little late on it, but it's time for my Dark Souls 2 update. Since my last update I defeated The Lost Sinner, and got through quite a lot. I even found King Vendrick and spoke to the Ancient Dragon. I got a special item from the Dragon which lets me go into memories of the past, and experience it first hand. This item goes through those wierd tree things that were all over the Forest of Fallen Giants. I've only gotten one done so far, but I'm totally doing them all. Mostly because that's the only way to get Giant souls. I need 4-5 of them to fight Vendrick, because without them. he has 32 times his normal defense. In other words, I layed into him for like 4 minutes, with my fully upgraded Broadswords, and I barely took a sliver from his health. For each one I find, it reduced his BS defense and health. He is an optional boss, but after seeing his condition, there is NO way in hell I am going to leave him that way.

VOTD is an RT LP of Wheel of Fortune. I found it pretty good.