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A Day Without Comments

2014-10-01 04:38:49 by Retartedanimalzoo

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About to finally play Smash with my friend who's 3DS is fucky when it comes to Online. Excited.

Tomorrow I get paid and I'll have money to get all the things: KI Season 2, Smash, maybe even another next gen controller. I'm super excited. Smash is on Friday, and I just gotta decide where to get it. Part of me thinks Gamestop as the standard, but I doubt they'll have a midnight launch.

Futa Pony Gif

2014-09-29 23:47:59 by Retartedanimalzoo

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From nearly the moment I got up, my internet was fucked, I couldn't do anything all day. PS4, Xbox One, even my laptop weren't working. I called up my friend and found out that it was just me. Thankfully he brought me to his place and I watched him play Destiny, he sucks at it. But the end of it was hillarious, and now I'm in suspense, cause he exited it, and scrolled down to Delete and selected Okay because he "wasn't paying attention" so he set it to reinstall and it was updating when we left. So we don't know if his save is still there. I'm sure it's still there, but he was just so paniced.




2014-09-28 12:12:18 by Retartedanimalzoo

Lazy post. Going to bed because I'm so tired. No need for comments on this one.


Sonic Girls

2014-09-27 00:34:08 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Didn't get my Federal Refund, didn't expect them to come through and get me whats mine on the time they said, So now ontop of waiting the 6 weeks, I have to wait another 15 days for a letter from them, and then probably even longer. I am so tired of their bullshit.

Hung out with my friends nearly all day, when they weren't around I took a decent nap, probably going to bed right after posting this. I need more rest, and I work tomorrow morning. I did go and pick up the Metal Gear collection for PS3, I don't have my PS3 here, so I'll be going over to play it tomorrow after work. The coolest thing about it is that I can swap my save from the Vita version of Snake Eater over to it, and back and forth, and make progress in doing so.

No VOTD because I'm lazy, so two pics instead.




2014-09-24 19:13:10 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Earlier today I found out there was a demo for Slender The Arrival on 360, so I downloaded it to try it out, cause I was still hype for it. The demo pointed out to me that it was released on last gen, and it really doesn't feel or look good at all. Glad I tried it before buying, that would've been a regretful mistake. So instead when tomorrow's check comes, I can take the money and either pay off Smash or KI season 2. I'm sure I'll be able to get the other, but for the time being, TJ Combo is out right now, and I can get him by paying for the season, otherwise Smash is out in a little over a week.



Mario Girls

2014-09-23 14:00:04 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got all my paperwork and stuff handled, did exactly as I planned, eventually got to doing the dishes while I was at it. I really wish I had some PS credit so I could get Slender the Arrival. 

I still have a couple shifts before my paycheck, but I'm going to be fine. Nothing really going on currently. 

VOTD is a short video of the Best Friend's Comic Con adventure.


Rainbow Dash

2014-09-22 09:10:45 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Yesterday I went over to my friends and watch him breeze through some MGS3, he got super frustrated over nothing and is really bad at the boss fights. But he tested something I knew about but couldn't believe, and beat The End long before it was the boss fight. I had thought it would give a time paradox, but it's just letting him keep progressing like it was nothing. It's really awesome.

Gonna have a somewhat long morning. Got a handful of paperwork to deal with, and some long ass calls to wait on. Planning to get to them right after this. Afterwords, right into Destiny, cause that MP is fuckin' amazing.

No VOTD due to extra pictures.




Gay Furry

2014-09-20 20:13:10 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Dealing with a lot of stress over something I don't feel like going into. The good news is I have food for now, and that's good.

I just got past "The End" boss in MGS3, my MGS friend is so buttfrustrated that I'm not playing from the first game, but whatever. I managed to hold him up and get The End's camo, which is the best in the game, using it I got a 100% camo index. Making me practically invisible.

VOTD is an episode of TBFP TWD. It's nice seeing them finally playing Season 2.



2014-09-19 17:08:05 by Retartedanimalzoo

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So from the moment I woke up yesterday I was out doing things with my friends, and didn't get a chance to post.

The only thing worth mentioning is that D4 got announced to be out, so I got credit to get it. D4 is SWERY's new game. And as expected it's weird as fuck. It's so goofy and i love it. It's similar to a telltale game for gameplay. It's even going to be episodic.

VOTD is King Gavin. It's here.


Twilight Sparkle

2014-09-17 09:55:44 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Went back to work yesterday after taking my two weeks off, and just as predicted, those lazy assholes let everything go to hell without me around. Tons of papers were hung up telling people what needs to be done, and the email hadn't been updating once ion the entire time I'd been gone.

Yesterday I also finished Destiny. I loved that whole game, it had a few minor flaws, certainly nothing to give it the bad scores it's been getting. Smash launched in Japan, and to my horrible discovery, my Ice Climbers are gone. But thankfully Game & Watch is in. I swear if they had removed both, I would've passed on the game. I mean it.

No VOTD, instead an extra picture. Was wondering if y'all mind me doing that or not, because it makes posting a little simpler for me, but I can scourer for a video if y'all prefer that.