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In the midst of restarting my PS4 and starting the latest Super Best Friend Cast. Restarting it because it updated, planning to do Diablo while I listen to the Friendcast. Finally had both of my friends over to show them what the Xbox One has, they seemed pretty impressed. Looking forward to the rest of the week, wishing I'd be able to get Titanfall sooner, that game was so fun.

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Yesterday, I went and rented Titanfall since I wanted to give it a try, and god damn that game is fun and pretty. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. It is going to be awhile before I get it, since I need to get Gold first, since I'm tired or paying for just months, I'm saving to just pay for the full year.

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Yesterday turned out awesome. Karma rewarded me. I went out shopping with my mom and found out that since the 1st was Labor Day, deposits came yesterday, so I called them to be sure, and my money was there. With that I finally had enough to get my Xbox One, a ride wasn't in the cards for me, but I managed to bike there and back before the storm started up again. Got hom, got it all hooked up, and I've been playing with it since. So today's post is going to be my full report on the console.

First off, the things I don't like about it. They messed up the controller. Specifically, the bumpers, and sticks. The sticks seem smaller, and they have this almost gun-like material being used as grip, but it also has the hole on the top and those two don't really fit well. The bumpers need more push to be used, and seem to only be presable near the sides. Not only that, but they click loudly, and it's distracting. They did change the back for the better, instead of just having a battery pack hanging out, there's a hatch that can be opened and takes batteries. Yes, batteries. In the age of shit just being chargable, they're still relying on batteries. On the console itself it'll just leave stuff running and open instead of closing them, making you have to close everything yourself, that's kind of dumb, the layout is also kind of confusing for me. Also, there's no way to just turn it off completely, nothing short of unplugging it complely.

Now, for the good. Everything else. the controller feels light, and nice, the really went the extra mile in trying to copy Sony's awesome D-Pad, and come really close to it. It can be turned off and on easily, as opposed to the PS4. I like how customizable the menu is, and the lack of annoying ads in my face. It's clean and simple. For now I just have Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct, the two ones I wanted the most.

For Killer Instinct, I was planning to just buy the characters and stuff I wanted, but then I found there was a bundle that has the original game, but I don't have enough for it, so I'm being forced to wait to get that. I find it annoying that every attack I make pushes me back. But the game is hyper pretty when I pull off a good combo.

Dead Rising 3 is even better than I thought. I started on the nightmare difficulty because that's the way Dead Rising should play...or so I thought. This one is on a WHOLE different level in terms of the way it is. The hordes of zombies are actually staggering for once to the point that you can't just get around easily. Also, the bathrooms are not marked at all on the map, I made good progress and died and hadn't saved for awhile, so I lost progress twice last night. I'm planning to start on the newer difficulty so I can play it better and get to know the layout. To give the best example of how staggaring the numbers are, in the other games, you could enter a big place and see all the zombies and be like, "Yeah, I could probably kill all of them, it'd take forever, but I could probably do it." Not anymore. There were ones I found that were literally crawling out of the walls and sewer. They are constantly spawning.

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Got off of work yesterday, and just woke up after nailing 11 strong hours of much needed sleep. It's currently storming, I woke to a nice loud boom outside. Now I'm just sitting around listening to the storm. Yesterday, though rainy, was actually really good. I found I had a bunch of extra money in my account, and now I'm just shy of getting the Xbox One I've been waiting for this whole time. Depending on if my friend buys the Wii U from me someday soon, I should be able to get it within the next few days, otherwise, the soonest I get it would be Monday.

I picked up Peace Walker like I planned. Did not expect to hear Steve Blum's dreamy voice again, especially not talking to Snake. Glad to see crouch walking, kinda bummed I can't crawl anymore, I find that weird as hell. Crawling seemed like the stable to MGS.

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Got and played the final episode of the Walking Dead Season 2. It ended with me wanting more and feeling bad. Tomorrow I'm probably going to get Xbox Live credit to buy Peace Walker. Gonna make a little bit of dinner before I go to bed. I've got a couple of things to get done. Anyone got weekend plans?

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Today in Metal Gear Solid 3, I got past The Pain, who was really hype. Looking forward to getting Peace Walker on HD sometime later this week. Other than that, I don't have any real plans. Been watching Code Monkeys on Netflix. I fucking miss G4 so much..

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Went and traded in 3 games and got $90 worth of Playstation Credit. Was thinking of getting One Piece on my Vita, but then I decided against it for now, I'm going to I get to the point in the series that the crew is how they are in the game, that's going to be awhile. So I thought for a bit, took a good look at what was coming up...and pre-ordered Destiny on PSN. All of it. The Season Pass and all. It cost me the full 90, but now I'm in there for the long haul. Pre-Loading starts on the 7th, and I've got next week, and that week off from work. I'm ready.

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Well my ISP fucked up somewhere, and my internet was out for pretty much the entire day. I only just managed to get on NG. I'm going to make this post quick since I wanna do the shit i couldn't with my internet off. I spent most of my day doing Metal Gear. Got super lost for nearly an hour before finding the way to go. Still loving it, matter of fact, I'm only liking it more and more.

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Got the Netflix up and running. Not having bad shows that come on after makes it hard to stop watching the good shows. I was up until 4 am last night. the last two hours was meant to be 10 minutes of Diablo 3. But Diablo always steals at least two hours. That game is so good.

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Yesterday I did a big thing. I got rid of my cable and DVR, in order to cut down on the bill since $96 of it was just for that. I also got rid of it due to the fact that I mostly just watch Youtube and Crunchyroll. Later I'm planning to give my sister some money so I can get us all Netflix. I feel it was a pretty smart descision.

Meanwhile, I got past the part I was at in metal gear shortly after realizing holding O would let me KO enemies with CQC. After that, it became a breeze. I stayed up all day yesterday and got good long sleep at night and I feel a hell of a lot better now.

Today, I got paid and went and got some Playstation credit. For awhile I was deciding if I should get Watch Dogs or preorder Destiny, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided on Watch Dogs, considering the beta for Destiny wasn't great, and Activision can ruin fuckin' anything.

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