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Ended up not spending my Xbox credit on anything, so I'll just hang onto it till the DLC is out. Speaking of DS2 dlc, yesterday I finally got past that bitch who had me stopped for I'd guess a week, I finally got a player summon and we sliced through her. But now, I'm dealing with the Dragon, and holy fucking shit. It breathes a mix of fucking Fire AND Toxic, for those who don't understand why that's so bad, in Dark Souls, getting Poisoned is bad, but Toxic is 5 times worse, and takes away health way faster than Poison does, if if you get hit by the fire and barely survive, you won't recovered quick enough to get health back or un-Toxic yourself, and that's some BULLSHIT. That being said I thing I've got the Dragon almost figured out, and should probably beat it today.

Yesterday was amazing. I watched the Nuzlocke stream from start to finish and it was god-tier. It all came down to Kamina to save the day, and with one final Hydro Cannon he put an end to Ja Rule. They'll be uploading what they recorded eventually, I'm hoping they show the facecam, because the three of them losing their shit with the Hydro Cannon was amazing.

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Stayed up late with my friend, finally got to watch him play Dark Souls.  I haven't seen him play it since I introduced him to the series. He was doing his Bow run, he tried out a Roll Build and got Sorcery and Bows/Crossbows/Greatbows, so he has no close range weapons. I saw him get past the Poison bitch in Earthen Peak, which I find it so hard to belive a Crossbow could be that good, even when it was happening right in front of me. I giove most of the credit to him, because he beat the first game long before I did, he's one of the few people I know who pulled that off, so I always give him props for it.

I'm current in the midst of debating if I should get a digital game on Xbox or not, because I have enough for a $20 game, and I have a couple in mind, mostly The Bureau: XCOM, other than that, I kinda wanna get Rock Band 3 so I can try out the guitar I got. But part of me knows I should save the credit for the remaining Dark Souls 2 DLC.

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Finally got around to trying the beta for Destiny, and it plays alright, I like how customizable the characters are, as well as the uniquely colored armors, reminds me of Mass Effect 1. Haven't tried the competitive yet. 

Went looking through some of my older pics for this, now I've got the craving to play her in B2 again. Gonna do that right after this.

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After pacing myself and hard work, I reached the first boss of the Dark Souls 2 DLC, and she's even fucking harder. I only managed to beat her once, but I was in someone else's world as a summon, so it didn't count. The guy I was with got lucky because she summoned the pigs from Majula as opposed to her other bag of bullshit. 

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Well after waiting all fucking day for the Season Pass, I finally got word back from FromSoftware, that they cancelled the 360's Pass and didn't fucking say anything about it. SO People on 360 are gonna have to buy each DLC at full price.

After that bullshit I bought the DLC and dowloaded it while I was at work, then started when i got home. It is REALLY fucking hard. Like REALLY REALLY fucking hard. I spent 7 hours playig and didn't even reach the first boss because I was getting wrecked so fucking much. It does't help that I'm on my Curved Run, but even if I had all my end-game stuff, I don't think it would help me.

When I got home today I was greeted by my CD, which had finally arrived. It's the soundtrack to Katamari Forever, and it all sounds amazing, I'm having trouble pulling away from it. Loving it.

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Stayed up late with my friends, we all took turns making progress in Outlast, and they were freaking out. They finally understood how hard it is to just play it. Also made a little more progress in Transistor.

Currently waiting for the Dark Souls 2 Season Pass, which is really starting to irritate me, because the DLC is up right now, but I have to wait for the Pass otherwise I'm paying too much.








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Well, I caved and finally decided to use my preorder code to get into the Destiny beta, even though the game looks boring as fuck to me. But I've got nothing better to do, so why not. It's currently downloading, I probably won't give an update on it till tomorrow's post. The code I put in, split and gave me two other beta codes, and the only other friend I have doesn't play shooters enough for me to feel okay giving it to him. If you've got a PS4 in the US, comment below asking for a code and I'll probably give it to you, probably.

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Got down to the Rotton with ease, beat him too. Went to go handle the Primal Bonfire and found that the way to access the upcoming DS2 DLC is already available, so I went in to check it out, was greeted with a small area with a fire in the center, and a door that gave me the prompt "Closed," that made me laugh. But I'm really happy that I'll be able to go to the DLC right away on Tuesday, kinda bummed that I got to it on my Curved run though. I won't be able to use everything.

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9 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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I ended up picking up the Xbox Live credit after all to get the Dark Souls 2 season pass, which as it turns out, is not available at all yet. but I'm more than ready for it now. I also picked up a new deck of yugioh cards, which has the new type of monsters known as Pendulum monsters. Not trying them out yet.

I was up all night with my friend, and I just got up like an hour ago. Got like 12 hours of sleep. So I am going to be up the rest of the night.

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Yesterday I hung out with one of my friends, which was good, I needed to get out of my house, showed him Free, me and him did more Dark Souls 2. Nothing really new.

I'm gonna be going to pick up my work check in a bit, so I'm trying to figure out what I can and want to do with it, because I'll have enough to spare about $30 or so, so I'm trying to decide. Part of me knows I should spend the $20 to get Xbox Live credit so I can get the Dark Souls 2 season pass next week, but since I'm almost through Shovel Knight, I feel I should get a new 3DS game. I've still got an hour or so to think.

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