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Futa Pony

16 hours ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Stayed up late with my friends, we all took turns making progress in Outlast, and they were freaking out. They finally understood how hard it is to just play it. Also made a little more progress in Transistor.

Currently waiting for the Dark Souls 2 Season Pass, which is really starting to irritate me, because the DLC is up right now, but I have to wait for the Pass otherwise I'm paying too much.








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Well, I caved and finally decided to use my preorder code to get into the Destiny beta, even though the game looks boring as fuck to me. But I've got nothing better to do, so why not. It's currently downloading, I probably won't give an update on it till tomorrow's post. The code I put in, split and gave me two other beta codes, and the only other friend I have doesn't play shooters enough for me to feel okay giving it to him. If you've got a PS4 in the US, comment below asking for a code and I'll probably give it to you, probably.

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Got down to the Rotton with ease, beat him too. Went to go handle the Primal Bonfire and found that the way to access the upcoming DS2 DLC is already available, so I went in to check it out, was greeted with a small area with a fire in the center, and a door that gave me the prompt "Closed," that made me laugh. But I'm really happy that I'll be able to go to the DLC right away on Tuesday, kinda bummed that I got to it on my Curved run though. I won't be able to use everything.

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4 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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I ended up picking up the Xbox Live credit after all to get the Dark Souls 2 season pass, which as it turns out, is not available at all yet. but I'm more than ready for it now. I also picked up a new deck of yugioh cards, which has the new type of monsters known as Pendulum monsters. Not trying them out yet.

I was up all night with my friend, and I just got up like an hour ago. Got like 12 hours of sleep. So I am going to be up the rest of the night.

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Yesterday I hung out with one of my friends, which was good, I needed to get out of my house, showed him Free, me and him did more Dark Souls 2. Nothing really new.

I'm gonna be going to pick up my work check in a bit, so I'm trying to figure out what I can and want to do with it, because I'll have enough to spare about $30 or so, so I'm trying to decide. Part of me knows I should spend the $20 to get Xbox Live credit so I can get the Dark Souls 2 season pass next week, but since I'm almost through Shovel Knight, I feel I should get a new 3DS game. I've still got an hour or so to think.

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Went back to work yesterday to find they did literally nothing without me around and fucked uop most everything, so that was annoying to deal with. Ended the day by going to my friend's house and watching him finally get past Vendrick, whom has been kicking his ass for months. But I helped him get through it.

Yesterday I also binged through the remainder of Free(Swimming Anime), and that show is really good. For whatever reason, Season 2 isn't streaming worth a fuck though. That's pretty frustrating. Downloaded and put the ending theme of season 1 on my MP3 player, and have been jamming to it since.


8 days ago by Retartedanimalzoo

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Managed to find a copy of Timesplitters Future Perfect for $1 at a local rental place, and I bought the shit out of it. I had been debating ordering it online since it's SO good, but I had been holding back because it was $40, and I had the fear it wouldn't run on the 360. Which I can now confirm that yeah, it doesn't. But I only spent a dollar, so I don't feel as upset, working on obtaining a classic Xbox now.

I also finally got my Bastion soundtrack in the mail. That sweet cowboy music is damn good. On top of that music, I also downloaded the outro song to the Free anime. Which I binged most of this morning. That show is pretty damn good, and the dude obsessed with water is ridiculous. I'm about halfway through it, I also caught up on Jojo so now I gotta wait for the new episode on Friday. The missing episodes of One Piece should be getting added on to Crunchyroll on Saturday, which are what I'm waiting for.



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I've been up super late lately, kinda pissed about last night because I was out of the house, and missed that my DVR cancelled recording Attack on Titan for no fuckin' reason. Had to resort to watching the sub on netflix.

Not sure what I'm doing tonight, I'll hopefully see at least one of my friends. Otherwise I'm probably just gonna binge the rest of Stardust Crusaders, which is only like 4 episodes, so I'll finally be caught up and waiting for more Jojo.

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Super early in the morning, I was up all night, and should get some rest, this final page is kinda dry, so is this post, so now need for comments. I don't know what I'm posting next.


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Well I finished work for this week, ended it by picked up an old copy of MW2 and playing it a bit, it's still pretty fun. If any of you feel like playing with me, let me know, I got it on 360.

Tomorrow or the day after, not sure which, I'm planning to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Super excited about that, hopefully will be able to see it with my friends, but I don't know yet.