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Sly Cooper Comic

2014-12-21 05:44:54 by Retartedanimalzoo

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As a special lead up to XMAS, I'll be posting a comic two pages at a time.

Spent time over at my friend's from the moment I woke up, he called and woke me up earlier than planned, but he offered me lasagna, so I went quick.

VOTD is the long awaited beginning of the Top 10 lists.



3 Gay Pics

2014-12-20 02:59:39 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Every night's gonna be Riptor for awhile. She's just so much fun.

Planning to go out to eat with a friend tonight, my two I see the most are working and out of town, respectivly. So They're out of the picture. Last night the three of us did check out Guilty gear Xerd, which seems like a solid fighting game, I wasn't much of a fan though, mostly cause I was still itching to get back to my feathered raptor godess.

VOTD is a great vid from AH.





2014-12-18 22:42:46 by Retartedanimalzoo

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All of last night was Killer Instinct. Riptor came out, my friend brought his controller, and the 3 of us just had a blast fighting eachother with everyone. We were up till 4 am, and I enjoyed all of it. Riptor is amazing, she's so much fun to play, I'd say she's balanced with a boost to speed. I'm planning to get back to it right after this.

Got paid and picked up my friends' gifts, I think they'll like them. I was planning to get them gloves but I ran out of cash. THem assholes need some gloves with this bs weather.

VOTD is the first attempt from RT of the new Raid.


Rainbow Dash

2014-12-17 09:06:55 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got to work yesterday perfectly on time yesterday, only to find the weather got ice in the lock, my boss had to show up with lock de-icer, which didn't help in the slightest, so she brought me home, I couldn't even time in. Tried calling her a moment ago and found out that she broke the lock yesterday while trying to get it working, so I don't get to work today either. Which wouldn't be so upsetting if they'd be able to put the proper hours, taking from my vacation time.

Riptor will be out today, she's not out yet though, which is upsetting because I'd like to play her before I go to bed, spent my entire night with my friends, which was great, we did a lot, I also got some PSN credit as an early Xmas gift, I used it to get Geometry Wars 3, which was pretty trippy and fun, haven't done enough with it yet to give an accurate summary, I also downloaded Loadout on PS4 and played a match, that game is goofy and kickass, I can absolutely see myself get sucked into it, my friends mostly wanted to do KH 2 HD and Birth By Sleep, so that's what we did for a majority of the night.

VOTD is clip from The Eric Andre Show.



2014-12-15 19:59:10 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Just woke up a little bit ago, somewhat starving due to a lack of food in the house. 

Redownloaded Muramasa Rebirth and got it working, that game is really awesome. I didn't have the focus to get very far, but I've gotten enough in to experience the fun swordplay, it's controls take a bit of getting used to, but they're easy to figure out.

Spent a lot of time in Destiny yesterday, that game is fun as hell. It's slow but it's fine, I REALLY wish they'd focus on the PvE, because they have great gameplay, but instead they seem to just keep focusing all on the MP.

VOTD is the Riptor trailer. Super hype about it coming out on Wednesday, certainly spices up this week.



2014-12-14 17:07:20 by Retartedanimalzoo



2014-12-13 03:52:52 by Retartedanimalzoo


Cat Girl

2014-12-12 00:46:09 by Retartedanimalzoo


Mario Girls

2014-12-10 15:40:15 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Got my Amazon package. The Sogeking statue looks amazing, and the Kill la Kill soundtrack is badass.

I'm hoping to see my friends tonight, still have my shift in about an 2 hours, but after that I'll be free for awhile. Planning to just keep doing Persona Q during my shift.

VOTD is Minor Circuit, I find myself needing to hear it every time I wake up.


A Day Without Comments

2014-12-09 14:17:58 by Retartedanimalzoo

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Last night I finally got around to playing through the first episode of Tales From The Borderlands, I thought it was okay. Like, there's more to it, and it runs so much better than Walking Dead, and loads so fast. But the humor felt kind of dry, and there is absolutely no other emotion attached to it in the way that Walking Dead hooks your feels. I'm hoping it'll get better in later episodes, because even though I didn't like the first episode, I have a feeling it'll get better, and I like hearing the stories of Borderlands, much more than the gameplay even. I played the first episode of Walking Dead and didn't like it at all, but now I'm so hooked. I'm hoping it'll be the same case.